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Monday, January 25, 2010

A little about Mike

My hubby is new to blogging, and he is going to be posting on Health & Fitness Break. He is my fitness inspiration. Here's a little about him (he wrote it himself):
29 years old
BS mechanical Eng
MS Biomedical Eng (Biomechanics specialty)
5' 9 225 lbs
I started working out 15 years ago with my older cousins. I didn't know much then but listened to what they told me. I have gone back and forth in weight through the years from 175 - 235 pounds. I am currently cutting down to prepare for my first bodybuilding show. I need to cut down hard to figure out where my weak points are so that I can improve them.

Isn't he cute? Look forward to his posts...he has a lot of good stuff to say.


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